MysticGaze Obsidian Bracelet

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Introducing the MysticGaze Obsidian Bracelet – a captivating blend of Turkish Evil Eyes and natural volcanic stone beads, meticulously crafted for the modern man seeking both style and spiritual significance.

Crafted from a combination of black glass beads, natural volcanic stone, and resin boring beads, this bracelet exudes an air of mystique and intrigue. The obsidian beads, known for their protective properties, create a powerful shield against negative energies, while the Turkish Evil Eyes symbolize protection and good fortune.

Available in various sizes ranging from 6mm to 10mm, the MysticGaze Obsidian Bracelet offers versatility and comfort, making it the perfect accessory for male yogis and spiritual seekers alike.

Embrace the power of ancient symbolism and elevate your spiritual journey with the MysticGaze Obsidian Bracelet – where style meets spirituality in perfect harmony.